2. Length and cost of residency
One can apply for 14-day to 3-month residencies. Residencies are awarded for the calendar year after the application deadline.

Individual co-payment fees for a standard residency:
- 14 days: 2,500 NOK
- Per month: 4,000 NOK

This co-payment amount is adjusted annually according to a cost-of-living index.

3. Requirements for the application
The application must be submitted online through the Foundation website. The application deadline is always September 1.

All fields on the application form must be filled in according to the specified minimum requirements:
- Applicant´s background: minimum 400 characters
- The purpose of the stay: minimum 800 characters

Applications submitted after the application deadline will not be considered.

4. Evaluation of applications
Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation board of directors.

The board of directors will assess the applicants on a wide-range of criteria.

The board of directors’ decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

5. Accepting a residency
Applicants who have been granted residency at Lásságammi confirm the award by prepaying 50% of the total rental fee within 14 days upon receiving the letter of acceptance.

The prepayment will not be refunded if the applicant later reneges on the agreed residency period.

6. Resident responsibilities
When a residency commences, a rental agreement is signed. This agreement regulates the resident’s and the Foundation’s mutual responsibilities related to the maintenance of the building during the residency.

Residents must submit a written presentation and accompanying picture of themselves prior to moving in, and agree that this material can be used publicly in the context of the Foundation’s work.

Upon leaving Lásságammi, residents must submit a report (of at least 200 words) that summarizes the results of the residency, and agrees that this will be used publicly in the context of the Foundation’s work. Residents are also encouraged to provide suggestions that can help enhance the experience during a Lásságammi stay.

The Foundation encourages residents to acknowledge Lásságámmi when presenting work partially or wholly completed during their stay.

Practical information

We encourage all applicants to familiarize themselves with the practical information about Lásságámmi before submitting an application.