Information about the application process

Who can apply?
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää’s house Lásságammi is made available as a residence for native and foreign artists or researchers with a Sami or indigenous people’s perspective in their work. Application Guidelines.

Which criteria are used as a starting point?
It is at the discretion of the board to evaluate the applicants on a broad basis within the given criteria above. In addition, it must consider that several qualified applicants may have sought the same timeframe such that not all desires can be fulfilled.

When can one apply?
The application deadline is September 1 every year.

Which period can I apply for?
Janyary - December the following year after deadline.

Additional information for 2024-2025:

The home is undergoing an upgrade over the next two years. This means that fewer people get acceptet for recidence stay and you have to expect that you will be granted a shorter stay than what is applied for.

What does it cost to rent Lásságámmi?
The rental cost is 4,000 Norwegian crowns per month.

Who handles the application?
It is the board of the foundation that handles all applications.

When can I expect a response?
A response cannot be expected until one month after the application deadline at the earliest.

Lásságámmi – the house, the art and the context

Lásságámmi is a beautiful residence located below the national road towards Alta, on the plot Nils-Aslak Valkeapää received in the 50-year gift from the Municipality of Storfjord in 1993. Already before construction work began, Nils-Aslak spent a lot of time on the plot.

Practical information

Here you can read more about the location of Lásságámmi and what is offered to you as a resident.

Former residenst

Since the first resident, artist Joar Nango, had his stay in January 2008, a large number of artists and researchers from both inside and outside Sápmi have had their stay in Lásságámmi.

Further questions?

Please contact

konsulent Helene Ajuna Olsen
tlf. +47 91576920

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