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The pictorial artist

Nils-Aslak Valkeapää was known as a multimedia artist – that is, one who expressed himself through several art forms. He used to say that it was impossible for him to decide what form of expression came to him first; poetry, yoik, or illustration. Valkeapää had separate exhibitions of his art, both in Japan and China. His paintings often took their point of departure in Sámi mythological figures, while the pencil drawings/sketches often had birds, people and reindeer as motifs. Valkeapää was an outstanding photographer too, something reflected in several of his book publications.

(Harald Gaski 2014)

Reindeer utsnitt_150x195

Valkeapää's multimedia reindeer herd

by Harald Gaski (2014)

In this section I wish to demonstrate how poem no. 272 in The Sun, My Father functions intra-textually with Valkeapää’s reindeer herd metaphorics.